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National Student Advertising Competition—Adobe

Adobe was the client for the 2020 National Student Advertising Competition and the task they provided was to create a business-to-business campaign that raises awareness for Adobe's Experience Cloud for Advertising. The goals of the campaign were to raise unaided awareness of Adobe's adtech solution, become top three for share of voice for earned media, drive 50,000 visits to and advertising cloud, and create 10,000 new decision-maker and practitioner contacts with over $1 million ad spend per year.


After extensive research, surveys, focus groups, and brainstorming sessions my team and I created a multidimensional, interactive, four-phase campaign. By dividing the campaign into phases we were able to highlight key benefits of the program and personalize the messaging towards a specific target. This campaign will run from September 2020 until March 2021 and will consist of print ads, digital ads, outside of conference ads and conference marketing.


I was the art director of this team and led the overall design direction, worked alongside other designers, and created visual aspects for the campaign. 

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