Mattel ERI

Brand Revitalization

Mattel is a declining toy and entertainment manufacturing company that lacked the ability to adapt to the times by introducing new technology to their toys and compete with other companies. This rebrand was designed to transform Mattel into an innovative company that has the ability to grow with their customer base throughout the course of their life. Mattel will now be known as Mattel ERI or Mattel Extended Reality Interface. The ERI technology allows people to be wherever, whenever, with whoever.


Throughout this project, I collected extensive research on Mattel to fully understand their brand, the reasons for their decline, and their opportunities for recovery and growth. From there, I started the process of designing a new identity for Mattel ERI while also concepting the design and abilities within the interface of the technology. Along with the identity set and interface design, I also created the ERI suit and specs, an ad campaign, and a brand stretch. All elements of the brand and reasoning behind it are showcased in the Mattel ERI case study booklet.

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