Dayton Cars and Coffee

Rebrand and Website Redesign

Dayton Cars and Coffee, also known as DCC is not only a car show, but they are also a community of car enthusiasts that hold their relationships with one another close to their hearts. This rebrand needed to reflect this connection and passion. All elements of this project included a new logo, merchandise, event signage, social media planning, content development, and a website redesign.


This project was divided between the branding class and the UI/UX class. Our branding process began with individual logo sketches, vector logos, and then those were narrowed down to the top two logos. The class was divided into two teams to expand each logo into a full identity set that would be presented to the client. Once the client decided on the branding direction the UI/UX class took the project by collecting research, conducting audits, creating sitemaps and wireframes, and presenting our findings and recommendations to the client. From there, each student designed the homepage which was then narrowed down to the top three designs. After these were chosen the students were put into groups of two where they would push each design further using each other's strengths. These three designs were presented to the client and would be the guide for the rest of the website. All branding elements, website elements, and my roles throughout the process are further explained in my Dayton Cars and Coffee case study booklet.

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